Monero remote nodes. Updates every 20 minutes.


Last update: 2020-05-27 08:40 (CET) p2p nodes scanned: 0 p2p nodes with RPC: 0 plaintext

[How to use]

• Monero GUI: Settings→Node→Remote • Monero CLI: --daemon-address IP:PORT


Help the network by hosting a remote node: ./monerod --max-concurrency 4 \ --rpc-bind-ip YOUR.IP.GOES.HERE \ --rpc-bind-port 18089 \ --restricted-rpc \ --confirm-external-bind \ --public-node Make sure to forward/allow port 18089.


PSA: tracing attacks could be possible when using Remote Nodes • RPC nodes using port 18089 are more reliable. • Keeping track of bandwidth for Monero RPC nodes operators

[Software used]

py-levinGNU ParallelNmap